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cost to charter a Yacht

How much does it really cost to charter a Yacht?

The hustle and bustle of the city getting on your nerves?. A luxury escape awaits you out there in Dubai – the yachting capital of the Middle East at Venus Yachts! With its magnificent landscapes, fabulous artificial islands, and luscious Arabic cuisine, there is no better location than Dubai for a yachting adventure! Spend your vacation in luxury on a Venus yacht!

If you are ready for yachting, you are definitely in the right place! Check out the Cheapest Yacht Rental in Dubai! You can book your perfect yacht with us at Venus Yachts real easy!

How much does it really cost to charter a Yacht?

You can rent luxury yachts anywhere in Dubai. There are several sizes available that can start from 2 people to 250 people.

Know some things beforehand to set the ball rolling. The main things to consider will be the number of people you are planning to set sail with, the type of activities you plan to have, and food preferences. The design and comfort of the boat should be opted as per these factors. It would be best to consider your budget as well!

Ensure you know the number of people in your yacht and enter this clearly on our website, only then will you get the yacht size appropriately suited to your needs. You can also check out the discounts and hot deals here.

Special offers prevail on some days at Venus Yachts! During weekdays prices are lower and for those of you wanting to take your loved one on a romantic date, there are special packages that take you on a 2-hour cruise and cater to your special requests. Check out all of the different offers and find the perfect one which appeals to you.

Travel in luxury and style in our yachts & with the diverse options to choose from, you will surely find one suitable for you! Just select the best and be ready for an unforgettable experience!

If you want the Cheapest Yacht Rental in Dubai, contact us at Venus Yachts so that we can create a personalised luxury yacht experience for you.

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