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A Guide of Dos and Don’ts

A Guide of Dos and Don’ts on board the Luxury Yachts Rental Dubai

Is it your first time chartering a superyacht? There are a few Dos and Don’ts on board the Luxury Yachts Rental to make your yachting experience as enjoyable as possible.

Here’s a guide from Venus Yachts, prime luxury yacht rentals in Dubai!

Luxury yacht “dos”

Do listen to safety briefings

You will be given a safety briefing by the captain & crew about life jackets and life rafts. Ensure you follow it as it is a requirement of both insurance and maritime laws.

Do respect the crew

Our crew ensures your holiday exceeds expectations! Treat them as you would your valued employees.

Do treat the yacht as you would your own home

Venus Yachts want charter guests to treat the yacht like it’s their own home. We will appreciate your care while using our yachts.

Do keep the crew informed

You can entertain in grand style on board a luxury yacht. But plan it in advance. If you want to invite extra guests aboard the yacht for cocktails or a meal or if there are any changes of plans, ensure to clear them with the captain & crew first.

Do ask about pets

If you wish to travel with your pet, please ensure to find a pet-friendly yacht.

Do follow the “bare foot” rule

Many yachts have a “bare feet” rule and shoes stay outside the cabin and on deck.

Do allow time for housekeeping

Give the crew some time for housekeeping while you sunbathe and swim.

Do bring suitable luggage

Hard-sided luggage is not preferred in favour of soft luggage that can be collapsed for stowing on board luxury yachts. So, try to pack light.

Do be prepared to tip

You can tip the crew as you find suitable for a job well done.

Superyacht “don’ts”

  • Don’t expect the crew to baby-sit children. You should take care or bring a nanny to do the needful.
  • Don’t do anything illegal or illicit activities aboard yachts as you will be turned in to the authorities.
  • Don’t take matters into your own hands and deal with problems via the captain.
  • Don’t disrespect boundaries and don’t ever invade the private crew areas without a specific invitation.
  • Don’t violate the smoking policy
  • Don’t expect the crew to come to your sightseeing jaunts.

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