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The Best Luxurious Yachts for Rent in Dubai

Want to make your trip to Dubai a lot more fun & exciting? Feel the thrill of a Dubai yachting experience on the best luxurious Yachts for Rent in Dubai! Embark on a luxury cruise on Venus Yachts, luxury yachts rental in Dubai! Be ready for the most unparalleled water adventures!

When it comes to chilling on the best luxury yachts in Dubai, here’re a few ideas. Just read on…

Have a Yacht Party

Just throw an intimate get-together on your rented yacht! It can be fun chilling together with family and friends. At Venus Yachts we ensure that all the proper precautions are taken to keep your party-goers safe with safety equipment. Get the cheapest yacht rental in Dubai at Venus Yachts for small gatherings & large gatherings.

Go for a romantic date on the water

Why not have a quiet romantic date with your special someone in a luxury yacht? You can book a date night on a Venus yacht rental in Dubai with dinner. Get your favourite restaurant order delivered and all the privacy you need! It’s just great to watch the stars and see the lights of the city from the yacht deck on this date night! 

Go Fishing

A yacht rental is just great to take a fishing trip! Get out your fishing gear, food & beverages and a playlist of your favourite songs and you’re all set! You can plan a fun day on the water away from the madding crowd with friends and some fishing rods.

Why not set off for a trip further into the ocean? You can even take a sunset cruise and if you’re really lucky you may get to see the vivid marine life off the coast of Dubai!

Sightseeing Dubai

Dubai is a tourist’s delight! There are several attractions to visit and many fun & adventure activities to do in Dubai. You can see a lot of them from the water. You can go anywhere as long as there is a marina large enough to hold your yacht without spending more time in the road traffic. Just mark all of the places that interest you and inform us at Venus Yachts and we’ll see that you will get to travel in style and luxury.

If you want the best yacht rental dubai, we at Venus Yachts are here for you! Contact us so that we can craft a luxury yacht experience that you’ll love!

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